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Experitas Corporation ("xCORP") incubates, manages, provides consulting services to and invests in impactful business ventures.

Our key deliverable is to spread the idea of goodwill, ethics, social equity and economic justice that is sustainable and digitally transformative.

These include contributing to sustainable development goals as defined by United Nations, social entrepreneurship and responsible consumption.

Achmad Fadzil
Founder, Experitas Impacteur™

Optimize your life to optimize the world.

What is Optimization?

Optimization simply refers to the action of making the best or most effective use of a situation or resource. When you optimize your life, you act to make the life that you OWN as impactful, as colorful and as beautiful as you possibly can.

There are two ways to achieve that. The first way is to do your best as an individual, trying out new methods (to you), failing in most times, as part of a random set of actions. Starting from zero just like hundreds of millions of other individuals.

The second way is you seek the help of your own professional management team, that introduces you to world class tools - tools that equip you with the relevant knowledge, insights and drive to maximize your resources. You will be surprised how affordable and achievable it can be.

We are that team and we build the tools. Seek directions in 14 different elements of the progressive lifestyle and optimize your journey with us.

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