Welcoming you to the reality world of Experitas.

The team at Experitas envisions a more equitable world - a world where everyone has access to, at least, basic resources in order to sustain a high quality of life. This includes all dimensions of wellness and a high level of well-being. A world where these resources are distributed to the less privileged without a loss in dignity - through entrepreneurship and impact businesses, which result in gainful employment and a thriving economic system that is more stable and just.

We believe that this can be achieved by:

  • Optimizing the lifestyles of changemakers and responsible consumers
  • Supporting the incubation and acceleration of social enterprises and impactful for-profit business
  • Growing a movement to promote responsible consumption

We achieve our goals through the following activities:

Education on Life Optimization: Befriending, Mentoring, Training, Coaching

Through our Experitas Center for Lifestyle Optimization (STYLO) and Experitas Academy (ExCad), we offer structured programmes that guide our coachees on living the optimized lifestyle. We believe that coaching should be made accessible to everyone. In fact, we believe that those who are especially less privileged are the ones who need our services most. As such, we offer subsidies to those who are most deserving. Our ultimate aim is to empower our coachees as they become leaders, social entrepreneurs and impact consumers.

Helping incubation and acceleration of social enterprises and impactful for-profit businesses

Apart from investing, incubating and managing our own impact business entities, the team at Experitas has been helping social enterprises and for-profit impactful businesses for the past 10 years and beyond. We do this by providing consultation in relation to every aspect of the business from fundraising to technological innovation. These enterprises are the same ones that offer economic opportunities and employment to those who need it. These are the sustainable change agents that facilitate a more equal distribution of wealth. We feel that now is the time to start focusing on this as a sustainable income generator for our business. 

Growing a community of impact consumers

What is the point of having so many social businesses when not many are buying. As such, through our Club Experitas (or Cx), we provide a platform for impact consumers to converge. As a united community of responsible and purposeful buyers, we create opportunities for impactful transactions to take place.

Header photo credit: Bennett Tobias