Setting directions, communicating our shared vision

Achmad Fadzil
Founder & CEO,
Experitas Impacteur™

Achmad Fadzil has 20 years of entrepreneurial experience. His portfolio of projects can be found at alfadl.co, and casually blogs at achmadfadzil.com. His passion is in social finance, purposeful technology and impact investment.

"Experitas Impacteur™ was created to host a series of impact initiatives that improve quality of lives, including and especially for those at the bottom of the pyramid."

- Achmad Fadzil,
Founder, Experitas Impacteur™

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Razz Salem
Senior Partner,
Experitas Impacteur™

Humanitarian & Impact Investment
Impact Ventures

Razz Salem is the lead trustee whose funds (EP-SI and RS Impact) are uniquely designed to address pressing social ills through strategic public-private partnerships, impact equity investing (M&A), impact leadership, impact business model, impact customer acquisition program, impact business start-ups, impact business/investment advocacy and impact branding. He advocates for business and capitalism to take a leading role in influencing positively the contour of social landscape.

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