Setting directions, communicating our shared vision

Achmad Fadzil,
Founder & CEO,
Experitas Impacteur™

About Achmad Fadzil

Achmad Fadzil has 20 years’ experience going through the highs and lows of entrepreneurship. He started his career as a police criminal investigator at Central Police Division in Singapore. At 27, he resigned from the police force and started his first business in the form of a student care center and later grew his own software development team in Jakarta, Indonesia. He also has had short working stints at NCS in the field of DevOps and Barclays Bank in the field of compliance. Presently, he invests in several businesses in the region and now, focusing on impact platforms. 

Fadzil has been mentoring and coaching youths since his early days in the police force. Apart from volunteering as a mentor at Yayasan Mendaki in his younger days, he has co-founded youth and leadership NGOs like Clubilya and Societus to implement intervention programs in collaboration with the Singapore Police Force and Ministry of Social and Family Development. He has coached in areas of entrepreneurship to students in secondary schools in Singapore and trained business owners in microbusiness programmes at the Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP). He also mentored university students from Institut Pertanian Bogor (IPB) in Indonesia in areas of startup entrepreneurship.

Fadzil feels that there are a lot more mentors and coaches in our community than we realise, and feel that with proper self-organization within the community, every student can have their own mentor and coach to help them in different areas of life. 

In mentoring, Fadzil acknowledges one person does not have all the answers. But one's dedication allows him or her to offer leads to alternative solutions, subject matter experts and resources to address pain points. Simply put, he loves contributing to an individual’s success. But he feels that certain processes can be less painful if we have our own mentors. We can have a directory of coaches but not mentors. It's because of this that he started Experitas - to create and cultivate an environment conducive for others to thrive so that they can pay it forward and help others in return. 

Fadzil is passionate about something he calls IMPACTIVE - impact consumption, trade, investment, venture and ethical economics. This includes Islamic economics and finance.