Center for Lifestyle Optimization

The Experitas Center for Lifestyle Optimization (STYLO) aims to use available industry research and global best practices to create methodologies, procedures and controls and process tools to optimize the lifestyle of our members and ultimately, to maximize the output of our life as much as possible. These include our achievements, our experiences and the positive impact we contribute to people around us. 

We are supported by several functional units.

Ultra Lifestyle Optimization Management Team (ULTIMATE) Tutelage and Case Management

ULTIMATE is the success team that provides the core support to our members in the form of tutelage, coaching, mentoring, buddying and case management service delivery. We look at each each member as a unique individual with differing needs and identify ways to help him or her. We work in confidentiality and secrecy, respecting the rights and privacy of the individual as a key stakeholder of our services. We structure our deliverables based on internal frameworks, leveraging on the skills, knowledge and insights of our team members, comprising of accredited coaches, registered social workers and dedicated mentors.

LifeScape Subject Matter Experts

We organise the involvement of subject matter experts (SMEs) for each of our 14 lifestyle elements, and facilitate their contribution towards our goals. These SMEs, who either engage our members directly or otherwise, provide critical insights, advice and/or training in the course of our programme. 

Committee for Social Capital

This groupwork committee strings together opportunities and resources and map them onto our needs canvas. Our aim is to provide awareness to our members on what's out there for each of us, and potentially bridge them to these 'sources of capital'.


Based on our focus areas, we work together with our technology team to develop and maintain a life optimization application called ZOUQ. ZOUQ stands for Zone of Unlimited Quests, as one of its aims is to allow members set and manage goals based on our lifestyle elements.

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