Club Experitas
Welcome to your club.

Join the habitat powerfully designed to make ordinary lives more meaningful, mundane lifestyles more colourful and soulless living more impactful.

Club Experitas ("Cx") is a chapter-based peer-to-peer, support and networking club which emphasizes on 4 integrated approaches - called KORE - to help its members:

  • Knowledge Management through mentoring / coaching / training via digital interactive media and complementary on-site sessions managed by The Experitas Academy and its various partners
  • Opportunities Management through socio-economic initiatives, advocacy and affirmative action within an integrated digital environment of values-based networks
  • Resources Management through productivity utility, collaborative tools and co-operation
  • Environmental Management through sustainability initiatives that cultivate a conducive living environment to thrive

We support one another to solve personal problems in private or / and small group settings. We also create life optimization tools and conducive environments that facilitate focus group discussions, collaborations and co-operations. We aim to provide reference points and map out deep ecosystems to connect all stakeholders within communities.

Visit our microsite,, for more information.