Societus Impacteur™
When our lives are optimised, we maximize our impact.

Societus Impacteur™ ("Societus") is a unit by Experitas where we come together to create and manage initiatives that deliver impact. These initiatives help to contribute to our Sustainable Development Goals as categorised by our world leaders at United Nations.

Initiatives managed under Societus can sometimes be experimental in nature, but it doesn't stop us from trying. One example is an attempt to link Universal Basic Income through entrepreneurship. Through digital technology, we are trying to determine if market forces driven by responsible consumers can positively influence the income of micro business owners so much that we are able to help them achieve predictable monthly basic income in order for them to live comfortably.

While some of our initiatives at Societus Impacteur™ are profit-driven with a social aim, we also work with Societus Limited to contribute back fully to beneficiaries.