The Experitas Academy

Experitas Academy ("ExCad") focuses on educational development from multiple perspectives. Our core objective is to create as much opportunities as possible for students anywhere in the world to learn, interact and share, resulting in an equitable ecosystem for all.

While schools teach students how to excel in our respective careers and generally in life, we reinforce these knowledge by teaching them how to apply them in our daily activities to experience progressive and productive lifestyles. This makes learning more meaningful and purposeful.

We aim to facilitate structured knowledge transfer in the areas of:

  • 14 lifestyle elements of LifeScape
  • 21st Century Skills & Social Emotional Learning
  • Sustainability Development Goals based on United Nation's 17 SDGs 
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Responsible Consumption
  • Academic study where gaps are not filled eg. facilitating students in isolated communities access world class mathematics class and coaching support

Our core activities revolve around the following:


To create support structures through coaching and structured mentoring.

Knowledge Transfer

To create seamless knowledge management ecosystem accessible to anyone including those in isolated environments.


To facilitate relationship building and educational diplomacy between counterparts on the ground - students, teachers, administrators, school leaders - within and across developing and developed nations.

To learn more, visit our dedicated site at experitas.academy.