Zone of Unlimited Quests

ZOUQ - Zone of Unlimited Quests - was developed by Experitas to synchronise our initiatives and programmes in one integrated digital platform. Our programmes were created to fill some form of service gaps through evidence-based research.

We exist in acknowledgement of global challenges, and hope to effect some form of positive change to address some of these challenges, as categorised under United Nation's Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs).

We achieve this by focusing on two steps. Firstly, to empower changemakers by contributing to their own optimised lifestyles. Secondly, in the same platform, we create opportunities for these empowered individuals to contribute positively back to society. We believe continuous intervention is necessary to pivot and spiral up - from vicious cycles to virtuous cycles.

To find out more, please proceed to ZOUQ | Club Experitas (ZOUQ Cx) site, zouq.club.