Reseeking the right answers to pressing problems

Seeking the perfect solution to fix what's broken

How can we make our fight to achieve sustainability more sustainable? What if we start by focusing on those who should be strongly equipped before they can serve continuously? What if the givers become receivers themselves, and vice versa? Will we have more new contributors and existing contributors who are able to add more value than before? Will the receivers, who were once weak, become empowered givers too?

We did not want to create a platform for members to solely give. We wanted to contribute more to the contributors so that the givers can continuously give. We do not want a platform that only focus on impact businesses and investments. We wanted a more balanced solution - something that would solve global problems not by helping the 'victims' first, but by helping the contributors who, once empowered, will add so much value than if they were to give on their own.

We want to serve the contributors first. There are many empowerment programmes to help others without any follow-up goals like how it has impacted others, and there are many development programmes which exist separate from the first. Experitas actually integrates these two and what we have is a totally unique solution.

Experitas aspires to be the No. 1 platform in the world for impact communities.

We strive to build a suite of world class digital facilitation tools and on-site development programs that help problem-solvers explore, seek, identify and execute the right solutions for pressing social challenges - in line with sustainable development goals as identified by the United Nations.

What we build is the first of its class, and therefore, a class of its own.

Social impact through economic (r)evolution

Social enterprise is the business structure for which social entrepreneurs create significant positive social change, or social impact (results), using social or digital innovation (process). Here, at the Experitas community, we use the term impact enterprise more frequently as we are more results-oriented, and more so, we believe that change can occur not only with effective social development work, but through economic (r)evolution as well.

This means that in order for impact businesses to thrive, there must be a community of impact consumers who buy consistently and consciously – always aware that he or she is contributing to some form of positive change when making those purchases. This involves cultivating an effective economic ecosystem that supports these social good businesses and those in the business of social good. Through advocacy and awareness programs, Experitas hopes more individuals and businesses come on board to collectively cultivate a loyal stream of impact consumers around the world.

Impact Communities for community impact

Community impact is a concept where the needs of the participant goes beyond the goals of a single programme or services. Its approach involves integrating services to a full spectrum of personal and social solutions. If impact enterprise is a business structure that focus on impactive results, then impact communities is the involvement of individuals and families to collectively address socio-economic challenges in a more organised, harmonised and concerted effort. Impact communities are made up of impact advocates, impact consumers, impact traders, impact investors, impact venture-builders and impact or ethical economists.

What do we have in the end?

As a result, the following is what we produce.

  1. A platform whose primary focus is to develop individuals, families and communities to be more able and equipped to help themselves before helping others, individually or collectively
  2. A platform that is not technically isolated in terms of features but integrated well to solve a myriad of issues through multiple approaches and touchpoints
  3. A platform that identifies individuals as givers and receivers at different times, emphasing equitability, and not misleadingly portray a victim (weak)-hero (strong) relationship, as unforeseen circumstances can force an unwilling change in status while fate can change positively overnight
  4. A platform that builds character and transforms behaviour through immersive culture, daily habits and lifestyle

How? To put it simply, our platform:

  1. enriches life by allowing opportunities to make it more meaningful
  2. optimizes life by introducing varieties of life elements, making it more colourful
  3. advocates ethical consumerism and responsible consumption
  4. provides opportunities for enriched and optimized lives to contribute to SDGs 
  5. creates sustainability in impact enterprise by matching them to impact consumers
  6. maintain a trail of impact activities by allowing opportunities for receivers to be potential givers and be able to pay it forward