A framework for balanced lifestyles.

What is the point of being rich and famous when one is not healthy? What is the point of having huge success in our business and career when our love life or family is in shambles? 

At Experitas, we believe that life can be more balanced if we have the right tools. This is why we created the BAHTERA LifeScape - an impact lifestyle indicator framework to ensure lifestyles are in equilibrium and aligned. While different people have different priorities, it is imperative that we are made aware of the enriching experience we can potentially have. This should result in happiness (Bahagia) and well-being (Sejahtera). Hence, the name BAHTERA, which mean ship in Malay.





BAHTERA LifeScape consists of 14 life or lifestyle domains. Apart from our BAHTERA LifeScale to measure how balanced or aligned our life is, we are also committed to help you trigger aspirations, set goals and achieve your desires in each domain. Not only that, our platforms are dedicated to help you grasp opportunities and reach out to resources that would otherwise be less possible. 

Don't get us wrong. We are far from being perfect. However, our key message is that with some tools and resources, our lives can be more meaningful, colourful and impactful if we work together.