Cx Membership
The club for clubs.

We designed Club Experitas (Cx) with one sole purpose - to seek sustainable solutions that improve the quality of life for members of our communities. Within Cx, we introduced many initiatives that address specific challenges. 


Overcoming challenges has always been more effective when done collaboratively, be it in a small group setting or via ground-up community driven approach. Cx establishes chapters at multiple levels so members who share something in common can come together and contribute towards the success of one another.

We would like to introduce our first chapter, Cx Singa Edition. In this chapter, we place focus on the Malay/Muslim community in Singapore.



Cx members use a platform called ZOUQ. The interactive platform hosts tools like the Personal Lifestyle Optimisation Tool (PLOT) to help members achieve their lifestyle goals.


Experitas SuperGate (xs) is the first utility members can benefit from. xs provides members access to specific communities.