Sustainability Assured through Basic Revenue

Sustainability Assured through Basic Revenue (SABAR) Programme

What is the SABAR Initiative?

Sustainability Assured through Basic Revenue, or SABAR for short, is a programme for micro businesses and small and medium-sized enterprises, home or cottage industries and freelancers. Its objective is to alleviate poverty or enhance sustainability through entrepreneurship and reward efforts through meaningful consumption. In meaningful consumption, consumers consciously buy from sellers who have to compete with those who have more privileges and the resulting transaction results in a greater impact towards the livelihood of the seller.

We have learned through multiple global crises in our lifetime that a solid foundation is needed to remain functional as a society when these crises happen. For us not to go through the painful experiences again, we need to establish some kind of ground-up mechanism that allows us to be sustainable as an independent networked community. SABAR offers that solution.

Who administers the SABAR programme?

SABAR is being administered by Societus Impacteur™, an entity registered in Singapore as Experitas Pte. Ltd. Societus Impacteur™ is a creator of innovative solutions that contribute to the efforts to attain sustainable development goals as defined by the United Nations.

We function as an impact enterprise. This means that we identify pressing issues that affect humanity and find ways to contribute to their solutions in an operationally and financially sustainable way.

What kind of businesses does SABAR cater to?

We cater to all kinds of businesses, especially those that have little resources to compete with the big conglomerates. We believe every business deserve a universal basic revenue, regardless if they are doing well or not. As such, a business need not be struggling in order to participate. Who will check the legitimacy of the participating businesses? We will conduct due diligence to determine if the applicant has a genuine business. The only requirement is the business must be registered by law, or has someone to be accountable for.

How does SABAR work?

First, you need to be grateful and then, you need to be patience. We do not guarantee any amount of sales revenue. However, participating businesses determine their desired minimum gross sales per month. They then offer a certain list of products and services to responsible consumers at discounted prices until the minimum sales amount is achieved and their target goal for the month has been met. This way, both parties benefit. Sellers meet their minimum sales target and consumers can make purchase for a discount, hopefully.

How can businesses register?

Businesses can register with us by sending a message to +65 84 234 206. We will conduct due diligence and do the necessary checks within 3 working days. Once approved, we will list the business on our website.

Where can I find the list of participating businesses?

You can find a list of participating businesses on our platform which will be introduced in July 2021.

Who introduced the concept of SABAR?

The concept of SABAR was first introduced first by Achmad Fadzil. In Malay language, ‘sabar’ means patience. This concept was derived from the concept of Universal Basic Income and many other theories that are utilised in real-life applications.